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Disciplinary Consequences

The discipline system at Cristo Rey is intended to help students correct those behaviors that may cause harm to their potential and merit. Disciplinary action will be taken when a student commits an infraction that is considered inappropriate by a faculty or staff member. Any employee of the school has the right to give a detention to a student.

We recognize that different consequences must be assigned depending upon the circumstance of the incident. Therefore, we have a discipline system with various tiers to address the severity of each incident. 

Daily Detentions:

  • Assigned as the consequence for level I infractions that are considered errors in judgment, but not serious violations of the Cristo Rey Code of Conduct.
  • Are served during your lunch period. 
  • Take precedence over any other school activity.
  • If a student misses one daily detention, they will receive another one from the Dean; those detentions need to be served consecutively. if they miss one of those two daily detentions, they will receive a Saturday detention.
  • Cronic detentions will be handled by the Dean's office and will most likely result in further disciplinary consequences.

Saturday Detentions:

  • Are assigned for level II infractions that are considered serious errors in judgment and, as such, major violations of the Cristo Rey Code of Conduct.
  • These are typically assigned after a meeting with the Dean.
  • Are held approximately twice a month from 8:00-11:00am and are scheduled i the school calendar.
  • Parents will be notified by a phone call before the date of the detention.
  • If a student misses a Saturday detention, they will be assigned another Saturday detention in addition to still serving the one they owe.
  • Repeated Saturday detentions are grounds for further and more severe consequences.


  • Suspension is an extremely serious consequence assigned for very serious offenses of the Cristo Rey Code of Conduct.
  • Suspensions may be served in-school or out-of-school at the discretion of the Dean.
  • Parents will be called to notify them of the suspension and a parent conference will take place before student is allowed to return to class.
  • During a suspension, the student will not be allowed to participate in any school functions.
  • It is up to the teacher of each class to determine whether academic work missed during a suspension may be made up.
  • Repeated suspensions will lead to expulsion.


  • This is the loss of one’s privilege to attend Cristo Rey. Normally, this would be the last step taken after following the discipline procedures listed above. Certain serious actions may result in immediate expulsion.
Mayra Gradilla
Dean Of Students
(773) 890-6826
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