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Policies & Procedures 2017-2018

In past years, you have been asked to complete your service hours within a certain category or focus area (ex. hunger & homelessness, health & wellness, etc.), the purpose of which was to push you out of your comfort zone to meet new people and explore different social issues. As Seniors, you get to choose your own service adventure.  It is an opportunity for you to continue working with a specific population/issue that you have developed a passion for over the past 3 years OR to try something completely new and different.

You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to choose 1 organization and dedicate all 20 hours to their mission.

This year, you will be REQUIRED to submit a proposal that outlines your plan for completing 20 hours of community service.  You are expected to stick to the proposed plan, but any changes that need to be made must be approved by Ms. Bologa in advance.

You will turn in 2 written reflections (1 with each deadline). These will challenge you to connect your service to material from Ethics class and analyze the social context of a particular issue of injustice.

Deadline 1: Wendesday, November 22nd  (A total of 10 hours)

Deadline 2: Friday, March 16th (A total of 20 hours)


Please submit a signed copy of the "Christian Service" form, as well as log your hours using the link to "Senior Service Hour Submission".



As you decide where to volunteer this year, consider the following questions…

Is there a particular population (for example: young children, elderly, etc.) you enjoy spending time with?

Is there a particular social or justice issue that gets you fired up about making a change?

Do you have a special talent or skill? How can you use this to bring joy to your community or serve others?

General reminders:

  • All service must be completed at a non-profit organization. If you have questions about what this means and if your site meets this requirement, see Ms. Bologa BEFORE you start volunteering there.
  • All service must be completed OUTSIDE of Cristo Rey. There may be a few exceptions, but they must be approved by Ms. Bologa.
  • Students may NOT miss school or work to complete service hours.
  • All service hours must be submitted by the student and verified by the supervisor before they can be approved.
  • Any senior who does not satisfy these requirements by the stated deadlines will not be allowed to participate in graduation.
  • Ambassadors will no longer be receive service hour credit for volunteering at Open Houses, interview weekend, etc. Helping out at these events is a regular condition of membership.
  • Students may receive credit for serving as a catechist assistant at their parish. However, they may not receive credit for tasks completed during mass (altar serving, singing or playing an instrument, serving as usher or sacristan, etc.).


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